Please see below a list of EALAC courses that are currently approved to satisfying the Global Core Requirement.  For more information on the Global Core, as well as a complete list of core-approved courses, please visit:

Note that not every course is offered every semester.  For current and upcoming course listings, please visit: or


ASCE UN1002 — Introduction to Major Topics in Asian Civilizations: East Asia

ASCE UN1359 — Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: China

ASCE UN1361 — Introduction to East Asian Civilization: Japan

ASCE UN1363 — Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Korea

ASCE UN1365 — Introduction to East Asian Civilizations: Tibet

AHUM UN1400 — Colloquium on Major Texts: East Asia

AHUM UN3830 — Colloquium on Modern East Asian Texts

AHUM UN3340 — Art in China, Japan, Korea

ANTH UN2020 — Chinese Strategies: Cultures in Practice

ANTH UN2027 — Changing East Asia Foodways

AHIS UN3201 — Arts of China

EAAS UN3927 — China in the Modern World

EAAS GU4160 — Cultures of Colonial Korea

EAAS UN3342 — Mythology of East Asia

EAAS UN3350 — Japanese Fiction and Film

EAAS GU4227 — East Asia and the Rise of a Global Middle Class (Effective for one term only: Spring 2015)

EAAS GU4277 — Japanese Anime and Beyond: Gender, Power and Transnational Media (Effective beginning Spring 2016)

EARL GU4127 — Mediations, Perceptions, Words: Poetry in Buddhist Literature (Effective beginning Spring 2016

EARL GU4310 — Life-Writing in Tibetan Buddhist Literature (Effective beginning Spring 2015)

ECON GU4325 – Economic Organization and Development of Japan

CSER UN3928 — Colonization/Decolonization

CLCV UN3111 — Plato and Confucius: Comparative Ancient Philosophies

HSEA GU4882 — History of Modern China I

HSEA UN3898 — The Mongols In History

HSEA GU4866 — Competing Nationalisms in East Asia: Representing Chinese and Tibetan Relations in History (Effective beginning Fall 2015)

HSEA UN3870 — Japan Before 1600 (Effective beginning Spring 2015)

INSM UN3920 — Nobility and Civility

INSM UN3921 — Nobility and Civility II

INSM UN3950 — Friendship in Asian and Western Civilization

RELI UN2008 — Buddhism: East Asian (Religion Dept.)

RELI UN2405 — Chinese Religious Traditions (Religion Dept.)

RELI UN3411 — Tantra is South Asia, East Asia, and the West

CPLS GU4111 — World Philology