Donald Keene, Shincho Professor Emeritus, giving talk on Ishikawa Takuboku at the DKC, spring 2014 (2).

New Spring ’17 Courses

EAAS GU3322 East Asian Cinema
Ying Qian
M 4:10-6:00

This course introduces the aesthetics and politics of East Asian cinema from the Silent era to the present as part of the region’s intertwining histories. This course can be taken to fulfill part of the Global Core requirement.


EAAS GU3844 Health and Society in East Asia
Nicholas Bartlett
TR 10:10-11:25

This course employs anthropological analysis to examine how Western psychiatric practices have been received and transformed in East Asia and discusses alternative traditions of healing.


Graduate & Undergraduate

HSEA GU4220 Islam in China and Inner Asia
David Brophy
Th 4:10-6:00

This seminar surveys the history of Islam, both in the Chinese interior and neighboring Inner Asia (primarily Xinjiang), from its arrival to the twentieth century.


HSEA GU4230 Empires & Migrations of the Pacific World
Peter Hamilton
Th 10:10-12:00

This research seminar examines how Asian, European, and American empires have channeled, categorized, and regulated human movement in the Pacific since the 1500s.


EAAS GU4232 Trauma and Testimonial Narrative in Post-Mao Chinese Lit
Yan Wang
T 4:10-6:00

Is the Cultural Revolution the Holocaust of China? This seminar seeks to arrive at a deeper understanding of the Cultural Revolution and its tragic roots in analogical thinking.


HSEA GU4232 Empires in the Formation of Modern East Asia, 1700-1950
Victor Louzon
M 4:10-6:00

This seminar for advanced undergraduates and M.A. students explores the history of conflicting empires in East Asia, from the 18th century to the end of WWII.


EARL GU4320 Buddhism and Korean Culture
Seong-Uk Kim
W 12:10-2:00

This course explores how Buddhism has influenced and interacted with various aspects of Korean culture, including art, architecture, literature, philosophy, politics, religion, and popular culture.


HSEA GU4410 The U.S, Asia, & The History of International Development, 1898-Present
Simon Toner
W 10:10-12:00

This course explores the role of development and political economy in the history of U.S.-Asian relations, from the colonial Philippines to the Transpacific Partnership.


EAAS GU4710 The Woman Question in Modern China
Gal Gvili
W 12:10-2:00

Exploring women in modern and contemporary Chinese fiction using two focal points: the representation of women in fiction, and the voices who write about women.


HSEA GU4812 Borderlands & Frontiers: Tibet as a Case study
Gray Tuttle
TH 12:10-2:00

Although questions of national expansion and boundary creation were fundamental to the work of such nineteenth-century American historians as Francis Parkman and Frederick Jackson Turner and twentieth century Asian historians such as Alistair Lamb and Owen Lattimore, only in recent years have these topics recaptured the historical imagination. In particular, scholars pf American history operating under the rubric of “borderlands history” have found the complex racial composition, forbidding yet fragile environment, wars of conquest, and the rapid development of the Tibetan plateau fertile terrain for a wide range of fresh approaches to the Asian past. This course will seek to bring the insights of this new scholarship into the context of Tibetan history. No longer marginal to the history of the India or China, the Tibetan borderlands should be central to on-going efforts to grapple with notions of empire and imperialism, the contingent nature of state building and of race, and transnational and comparative units of historical analysis.


HSEA GU4822 Troubled Islands of the Indo-Pacific
Paul Kreitman
W 2:10-4:00

This course explores East Asian history (broadly defined) through a series of island case studies – including Okinawa, Jeju-do, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Hawaii.


EAAS GU4840 China and the Politics of Desire
Nicholas Barlett
M 2:10-4:00

This course will explore the shifting figure of desire across the Maoist and post-Maoist eras by examining how academics, artists and others have represented Chinese needs, wants, and fantasies.



EAAS GR6710 From Reality to Desire: Transformation of Concept of Qing
Andrew Plaks
W 10:10-12:00

Description TBA


HSEA GR6862 Oracle Bones Inscriptions in Archaeological Perspective
Sakikawa Takashi
Th 2:10-4:00

Description TBA


EAAS GR9860 Korean Historical Texts
Jungwon Kim
M 4:10-6:00

Description TBA