Donald Keene, Shincho Professor Emeritus, giving talk on Ishikawa Takuboku at the DKC, spring 2014 (2).

New Fall ’17 Courses

ASCE UN1367 Intro to East Asian Civ: Vietnam
John Phan
MW 2:40-3:55 pm, Location-TBA

An introduction to Vietnamese political, cultural, intellectual, linguistic, and literary development, from prehistoric origins to French colonization in the 19th century.

HSEA GU 4847 Modern Japan
Paul Krietman
Time: TBA Room: TBA

This course uses primary and secondary sources to explore the history of Japan since 1800, with a particular focus on the 20th century.

EARL GU4010 Buddhist Inspiration in 20th Century Japan
Itsuki Hayashi
W 2:10-4:00 pm, Location-TBA

This course explores Buddhist inspirations in the thought of some of the most important thinkers of 20th century Japan: Nishida Kitaro, Tanabe Hajime, and Nishitani Keiji.