shiraneHaruo Shirane

Department Chair
Shincho Professor of Japanese Literature

Haruo Shirane’s fields of interest are Japanese literature, visual culture, and cultural history, with particular focus on intertextuality and language, text/image relations, popular and elite subcultures, and culture and power.


Gray Tuttle

Director of Graduate Studies
Phone: (212) 854-4096
Leila Hadley Luce Associate Professor of Modern Tibetan Studies

Gray Tuttle studies the history of twentieth century Sino-Tibetan relations as well as Tibet’s relations with the China-based Manchu Qing Empire.


THughesTheodore Hughes

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: (212) 854-8545
Korea Foundation Associate Professor of Korean Studies in the Humanities

Theodore Hughes’ research interests include coloniality; proletarian literature and art; cultures of national division; visuality and the global Cold War.

andererPaul Anderer

MA Program Co-Director
Phone: (212) 854-1525
Fred and Fannie Mack Professor of Humanities

Paul Anderer teaches Japanese fiction, film, and cultural criticism in addition to Asian Humanities.


ShangWeiWei Shang

MA Program Co-Director
Phone: (212) 854-1526
Wm Theodore and Fanny Brett de Bary and Class of 1941 Collegiate Professor of Asian Humanities and Du Family Professor Chinese Culture

Wei Shang specializes in pre-modern Chinese literature and culture, especially fiction and drama of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Kim Brandt

History-East Asia Program Coordinator
Phone: (212) 854-5033
Associate Professor of Japanese History

Kim Brandt specializes in twentieth-century Japanese cultural and social history, and her research interests include consumerism, imperialism, and transnational forms of cultural production.



tamara kachanovTamara Kachanov

Department Administrator
Phone: (212) 854-5028

Provides overall administrative and financial management to the department. Manages human resources and supervises academic coordinator, business manager and financial assistant. Oversees administrative and financial areas of the department’s operation. Processes full-time faculty appointments and leaves. Oversees student fellowship matters, manages space administration and capital projects.

joshua gottesmanJoshua Gottesman

Academic Coordinator
Phone: (212) 854-6780

Assists the Chairman with all aspects of faculty searches, tenure promotions, and faculty reviews. Assists students with academic affairs and serves as liaison for students with International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO). Assists the DGS with academic matters and helps the DUS and MA Program Coordinators with certain academic tasks such as senior thesis tutor assignments and degree conferral. Schedules room assignments for courses. Coordinates admissions and student recruitment, as well as certification of graduate student degrees. Submits new courses to the DSC and COI. Maintains student lists and the EALAC directory. Maintains department website. Keeps minutes of department meetings when required.

Anri Vartanov

Business Manager
Phone: (212) 854-8311

Manages departmental budgets, faculty research accounts and personnel expenses. Resolves financial problems and reconciles accounts. Has approval authority for all reimbursement and expenses for funding programs for faculty and students. Supervises Financial Assistant. Approves casual and work study payroll. Manages lounge reservations. Coordinates reimbursements for job search candidates and visiting admitted students. Processes all part-time student and faculty appointments. Processes faculty and visiting scholar visas. Serves as liaison with International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO). Issues UNIs for new faculty.

Rosibeli Gomez

Financial Assistant
Phone: (212) 854-1207

Provides support for the administrative and financial activities for the Business Manager, including all reimbursements for faculty and students, and payments for conferences and speaker series events. Makes hotel reservations for department visitors. Assists with the monitoring of account reconciliation. Orders supplies and equipment. Processes lounge reservations. Keeps track of spending for faculty research accounts and conferences. Maintains office space, copier and equipment, and assists with all facility matters. Coordinates food ordering for social events and meetings. Maintains listervs. Broadcasts department announcements.