EALAC Service Appointments and Schedule for 2016-2017

EALAC Executive and Departmental Staff Committee Meeting Schedule

All meetings are at 12-1:10 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays in 403 Kent Hall.

Fall 2016
9/15 (Thursday) – Executive Committee Meeting
10/6 (Thursday) – Executive Committee Meeting
11/3 (Thursday) – Departmental Staff Committee Meeting
12/6 (Tuesday) – Executive Committee Meeting

Spring 2017
1/24 (Tuesday) – Executive Committee Meeting
2/23 (Thursday) – Executive Committee Meeting
3/23 (Thursday) – Executive Committee Meeting
4/19 (Wednesday) – Departmental Staff Committee Meeting
5/2 (Tuesday) – Executive Committee Meeting

Curriculum, Scheduling, Language Committee, and Admissions Committee Meetings are usually held on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 12:00-1:10 p.m., on non-Executive Committee meeting days. Lunch sandwiches are served.

Curriculum Committee Meeting

Fall 2016
9/22 (Thursday) – Curriculum Committee Meeting
10/13 (Thursday) – Curriculum Committee Meeting
11/15 (Tuesday) – Curriculum Committee Meeting
12/1 (Thursday) – Curriculum Committee Meeting

Departmental and University Service Appointments

Contribution to EALAC and/or University service is a requirement for all full-time faculty and is a prerequisite to participate in Ph.D. admissions.

Administrative Positions
Department Chair: Haruo Shirane
Deputy Chair: Wei Shang
Acting Director of Graduate Studies: Tomi Suzuki
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Paul Anderer
M.A. Program Director: Gal Gvili
M.A. Faculty Advisor: Ying Qian
China Course Coordinator: Harrison Huang
History-East Asia Coordinator: Gregory Pflugfelder

Departmental Staff
Director of Academic Administration and Finance: Youngmi Jin
Program Manager & Executive Assistant to the Chair: Laura Schlein
Business Manager: Anri Vartanov
Academic Coordinator: Kevin Stillwell
Financial/Administrative Assistant: Rosi Gomez

Language Program Directors
Chinese: Lening Liu
Japanese: Miharu Nittono
Korean (interim): Theodore Hughes
Tibetan: Sonam Tsering

Institutes and Centers
Weatherhead Institute (director): Eugenia Lean
Center for Korean Research (director): Theodore Hughes
Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture (director): David Lurie
Tang Center for Early China (director): Feng Li
Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (director): Lydia Liu
UCAME (chair): Wei Shang
Center for East Asian Religions (director): Bernard Faure

EALAC Search Committees

Vietnamese Humanities search: Shang Wei (chair), Mana Kia (MESAAS), Robert Hymes, Jungwon Kim, Eugenia Lean, David Lurie, Haruo Shirane

Senior Lecturer in Korean search: Theodore Hughes (Chair), Jungwon Kim, Zhirong Wang, Sophie Queuniet

Faculty Leaves (2016-2017)

Li Feng (fall and spring), Theodore Hughes (Fall), Bernard Faure (spring); Charles Armstrong (spring); Dorothy Ko (fall), Max Moerman (spring), Yuan-Yuan Meng (spring), Fumiko Nazikian (spring), Asami Tsuda (spring)

Heavy Courseloads

Harrison Huang/Guo Jue (China Civ), Greg Pflugfelder/Paul Kreitman (Japan civ.), Gray Tuttle (Tibet Civ.), Jungwon Kim (Korean Civ.)

Proposed EALAC Language Lecture Review Guidelines
Guidelines: 2nd, 5th, and 8th year reviews require one expert in language pedagogy (usually a language director) and one person from outside the department. Reviews from 13th year onward are conducted by the department chair, an expert in language pedagogy, and a person external to the department. Deadline for all review reports: March 1, 2017. For more details go to EALAC website.

Language Review Committees

Fall 2016
Zhongqi, Shi (possible promotion, 13th year review in 2018-2019): Matti Zelin (chair), Carol Schulz, Richard Korb (external reviewer) Haruo Shirane ex officio
Yan, Ling (13th Year Review): Wei Shang (chair), Miharu Nittono (Program Director), Taoufik Ben-Amor (external reviewer), Haruo Shirane ex officio
Eguchi, Shigeru (23rd Year Review): Hikari Hori (chair), Lening Liu, Rakesh Ranjan (external reviewer), Haruo Shirane ex officio
Chung, Eunice (2nd Year Review): Charles Armstrong (chair), Sonam Tsering (Program Director), Alla Smyslova (external reviewer)

Spring 2017 (January and February, deadline March 1)
Xu, Jia (5th Year Review): Wei Shang (chair), Miharu Nittono, Pascale Hubert-Leibler (external reviewer)
Tatsumi, Naofumi (5th Year Review): Greg Pflugfelder (chair), Ling Yan, Guadalupe Ruiz-Fajardo (external reviewer)

Junior Faculty Reviews

Jungwon Kim (third year review): Dorothy Ko (chair), Robert Hymes, Gregory Pflugfelder

Senior Faculty Reviews

Theodore Hughes (Full Professor): Tomi Suzuki (chair), Wei Shang

EALAC Standing Committees

Admissions and TA/Fellowship Renewal Committee
Tomi Suzuki (DGS/chair), Haruo Shirane, Wei Shang, Greg Pflugfelder, Eugenia Lean, Gray Tuttle, Jungwon Kim, Michael Como.

Curriculum Development Committee
Robert Hymes (chair), Tomi Suzuki (DGS), Harrison Huang, Haruo Shirane, Paul Anderer (DUS), Gal Gvili (MAO Program Director), Laura Schlein, Kevin Stillwell, input from members of the Executive Committee (David Lurie, Lydia Liu, Eugenia Lean, and others)

Language Committee
Haruo Shirane (Chair), Wei Shang, Lening Liu, Miharu Nittono, Sonam Tsering, Theodore Hughes, Zhirong Wang

Scheduling and Programming Committee
Tomi Suzuki (Chair), Wei Shang, Youngmi Jin, Laura Schlein

Graduate Student Representatives

Graduate student representatives for EALAC Staff meetings:
Nataly Shahaf (PhD, Chinese History)
Benjamin Kindler (PhD, Chinese Literature)
Iris Zhang (MA, East Asian Religion)

PhD Advisory Board:
Abigail MacBain (Japanese Religion)
Allison Bernard (Chinese Literature)
Sonam Tsering (Tibetan Religion)
Nolan Bensen (Chinese History)
Rachel Mei (Japanese Literature)
Guy St Amant (Chinese Religion)
Joshua Schlachet (Japanese History)

EALAC Graduate Student Representative to GSAC: Abigail MacBain

EALAC Mentors for Junior Faculty

Ying Qian: Gray Tuttle, Madeleine Zelin
Harrison Huang: Wei Shang, Robert Hymes
Jungwon Kim: Dorothy Ko, Charles Armstrong
Zhaohua Yang: Gray Tuttle, Michael Como
Paul Kreitman: David Lurie, Eugenia Lean
Nicholas Bartlett: Eugenia Lean, Lesley Sharp (Medical Anthropology, Barnard)

New Arrivals

Paul Kreitman (Assistant Professor, Japanese History)
Seong-Uk Kim (Cho Visiting Assistant Professor in Korean Culture and Religion)
Nicholas Bartlett (Assistant Professor of Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society, Barnard College)
Gal Gvili (M.A. Program Director)
Tianqi Jiang (Chinese lecturer)
Wenlian Zhang (exchange Chinese lecturer)
Yicheng Zhang (exchange Chinese lecturer)

Consortium Representatives
Inter-University Center for Japanese Language: David Lurie
KCJS: Henry Smith (faculty director)
Columbia-Waseda Double Degree Program: Tomi Suzuki
CLTL(Consortium for Language Teaching & Learning) representative: Beom Lee

External Committees and University Service
EPPC: Haruo Shirane
TRAC: Madeleine Zelin
NRC (PI)/Title XI Center (director): Madeleine Zelin
Central Library RECAP committee: Madeleine Zelin
Summer Fellowships for EALAC: Tomi Suzuki (DGS), Haruo Shirane (Chair), Wei Shang
Global Core Committee: David Lurie, Wei Shang
Committee on Instruction: Robert Hymes, Michael Como
Global Center Beijing Faculty Steering Committee: Eugenia Lean, Haruo Shirane
Starr Library Faculty Advisory Committee: Ted Hughes, Eugenia Lean, David Lurie, Shang Wei, Haruo Shirane, Gray Tuttle
Standing Committee on Language Lecturers: Greg Pflugfelder
CSSD (Center for the Study of Social Difference) Executive Committee: Lydia Liu
Center for Science and Society Standing Committee: Eugenia Lean

External Fellowship Selection Committees
GSAS Fellowships (Fulbright, Traveling, etc.): Paul Kreitman
Waseda 125th Anniversary Fellowship Committee (chair): David Lurie
Tsunoda Senior Fellowship Committee (chair): Tomi Suzuki
Heyman Center Post-Doc Applications: Harrison Huang

EALAC Post-Doctoral Fellows
Tucker Harding (Weatherhead/EALAC Post-doc, digital humanities)
Robban Toleno (Sheng Yen Postdoctoral Fellow in Chinese Buddhism, Department of Religion)
Charles Woolley (Heyman Center Post-Doctoral Fellow)


Fall 2016
Robbie Barnett (Tibetan Studies)
Pema Bhum (Tibetan Language)
Itsuki Hayashi (Asian Humanities)
James Lap (Vietnamese Language)
Tuo Li (Chinese Literature)
Conrad Schirokauer (Heyman Center, CAME)

Spring 2017
Robbie Barnett (Tibetan Studies)
Pema Bhum (Tibetan Language)
David John Brophy (Associate Research Scholar)
James Lap (Vietnamese Language)
Itsuki Hayashi (Asian Humanities)
Andrew Plaks (Pre-modern Chinese Literature)
Morris Rossabi (Inner Asian & East Asian History)
Takashi Sakikawa (Tang Center)
Conrad Schirokauer (Heyman Center, CAME)

Visiting Scholars
Bettina Gramlich-Oka (Sophia University, October 2015-September 2016)
Jiang Hainu (Zhejiang Sci-tech University, September 2015-August 2016)
Gwiryun Jeong (Utsunomiya University, June 2016-January 2017)
Yanxin Lu (China University of Political Science and Law, September 2015-August 2016)
Rie Mori (Japan Women’s University, April 2016-March 2017)
Koji Toba (Waseda University, September 2016-May 2017)
Dedong Wei (Renmin University of China / Hanban, September 2016-August 2017)
Jiandong Wei (Renmin University of China, September 2015-August 2016)