EALAC Administrative Appointments and Standing Committees


EALAC Executive and Departmental Staff Committee Meeting Schedule

All Meetings are at 12-1:10 PM on Tuesdays or Thursdays in 403 Kent Hall.

Fall 2014

9/9 (Tuesday) — Executive Committee Meeting
10/23 (Thursday)– Executive Committee Meeting
11/13 (Thursday)– Departmental Staff Committee Meeting
12/4 (Thursday)– Executive Committee Meeting

Spring 2015

2/12 (Thursday)– Executive Committee Meeting
3/10 (Tuesday) — Executive Committee Meeting
4/9 (Thursday)– Departmental Staff Committee Meeting
4/28  (Tuesday) — Executive Committee Meeting

Curriculum, Scheduling, Language Committee, and Admissions Committee Meetings areusually held on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 12-1 PM, on non-Executive Committee meeting days. Lunch sandwiches are served.

Administrative Positions

Director of Graduate Studies: Gray Tuttle
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Theodore Hughes
Co-Directors of MA Program: Paul Anderer (Modern) and Wei Shang (Premodern)
History-East Asia Coordinator: Kim Brandt

Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee: David Lurie (Chair, Global Core), Eugenia Lean, Ted Hughes (DUS), Tomi Suzuki (Course Scheduling), Gray Tuttle (DGS), Paul Anderer (MA), Wei Shang (MA/CAME), Max Moerman (Barnard), Jungwon Kim
Scheduling Committee: Tomi Suzuki (chair), Gray Tuttle (DGS), Jungwon Kim (DUS)
Admissions and Fellowships Committee: Gray Tuttle (DGS), Jungwon Kim (Korean studies), Greg Pflugfelder (Japanese history), Michael Como (East Asian religion), Wei Shang (Chinese literature/cultural studies), Eugenia Lean (Chinese history), Haruo Shirane (Japanese literature/visual culture)
TA Assignment Committee: Gray Tuttle (DGS), Theodore Hughes, Greg Pflugfelder, Michael Como, Wei Shang, Eugenia Lean, Kim Brandt (History-East Asia Coordinator)
East Asian Language Committee: Carol Schulz (chair), Zhirong Wang, Fumiko Nazikian, Sonam Tsering, Tomi Suzuki, Feng Li, Charles Armstrong


EALAC Language Lecturer Review Committees

Fall, 2014
Chen Wu (2nd year): Dorothy Ko (chair), Fumiko Nazikian, and Frank Miller
Lingjun Hu (8th year): Wei Shang (chair), Carol Schulz, and Alla Smyslova
Carol Schulz (senior lecturer, continuing): Charles Armstrong (chair), Jungwon Kim, and Haruo Shirane (Dept. Chair)

Spring, 2015
Zhirong Wang (senior lecturer, continuing): Lydia Liu (chair), Feng Li, and Haruo Shirane (Dept. Chair)


EALAC Search Committees

Modern Japanese History Search: David Lurie (chair), Eugenia Lean, Madeleine Zelin, Greg Pflugfelder, Jonathan Reynolds, Emmanuelle Saada (Haruo Shirane ex officio)
Japanese Language Director Search: Paul Anderer (chair), Tomi Suzuki, Shigeru Eguchi, Miharu Nittono
Korean Language Lecturer Search: Carole Schulz (chair), Jungwon Kim, Fumiko Nazikian.


University Wide Committees

Policy and Planning Committee of the Arts and Sciences: Madeleine Zelin
Columbia University East Asia National Resource Center: Madeleine Zelin (Director)
Global Core Committee (Columbia College): David Lurie, Shang Wei
GSAS fellowships and external grants (Fulbright, Traveling, Heyman Center): Hikari Hori


Institutes and Centers

DKC: David Lurie (Director)
Center for Korean Research: Theodore Hughes (Director)
Weatherhead Institute: Eugenia Lean (Director)
CAME: Shang Wei
Confucius Institute: Lening Liu (Director)


EALAC Language Program Directors

Chinese Language Program: Zhirong Wang (acting)
Japanese Language Program: Fumiko Nazikian
Korean Language Program: Carol Shultz
Tibetan Language Program: Sonam Tsering


EALAC Mentors for Junior Faculty

Jungwon Kim: Theodore Hughes and Charles Armstrong
Hori Hikari: Tomi Suzuki and Haruo Shirane
Zhaohua Yang: Michael Como and Bernard Faure


Adjuncts and Short-Term Appointments

Fall adjunctsRobbie Barnett, Shi-Yan Chao, Rachel Chung, Jennings Gentzler, Harry Harootunian, Masato Hasegawa, Jeehyun Kim, James T. Lap, Conrad Schirokauer, Liu Yucai.
Spring adjunctsRobbie Barnett, Rachel Chung, Selcuk Esenbel, Jennings Gentzler, Masato Hasegawa, Jeehyun Kim, James T. Lap, Morris Rossabi, Conrad Schirokauer, Goapl Sukhu.
One-Year Full Time Replacements: Tomomi Sato, Hanyu Xiao.
Visiting ScholarsXu Chen, Yoshiko Ikeda, Jiyoung Shin, Runze Wang, Yuanfei Wang, Tomomi Yoshino, Yuika Kitamura, Longwei Zhang


On Leave

Bernard Faure (fall/spring), Robert Hymes (fall), Jungwon Kim (teaching leave, spring), Lening Liu (paternity leave, fall), Lydia Liu (fall), Wei Shang (spring), Qiuyu Tan (maternity leave, fall/spring), Madeleine Zelin (spring).


Consortium Representatives

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Study (Columbia University Representative): David Lurie
Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies (Columbia College Representative): Henry Smith
Columbia-Waseda Double-Degree Program for PhD Students in Japanese Literature: Tomi Suzuki


PhD Student Representatives

PhD Representatives: Sixiang Wang (fall only), Noga Ganany, and Glenda Chao
GSAC Representative: Ye Yuan
PhD Advisory Council: Noga Ganany, Chinese Literature, Late Imperial, 3rd Year; Yumi Kim, Japanese History, Modern, 7th year; Sixiang Wang, Korean History, Early Modern, 5th Year; Dongxin Zou, Chinese History, Modern, 2nd Year; Pau Pitarch Fernandez, Japanese Literature, Modern, 6th year; Tracy Howard, Tibetan History, Modern, 2nd year; Glenda Chao, Chinese history, Ancient, 4th year; Jon Kief, Korean Lit,  Modern, 7th year.


EALAC Newsletter Staff

Editor in Chief: Sixiang Wang
Managing Editor: Joshua Gottesman

Japanese literature (Pau Pitarch Fernandez and Phuong Ngo)
Chinese literature (Allison Bernard and Chris Peacock)
Tibetan studies (Tracy Howard and Elizabeth Reynolds)
Early China (Glenda Chao)
Modern Chinese history (John Thompson and Tristan Brown)
Korean studies (Jon Kief and Sixiang Wang)
Japanese history (James Gerien-Chen)
East Asian religion (Carolyn Pang and Abigail McBain)

The expectation is that newspaper staff will cover any major or interesting events in their field, noting significance of event, sponsors, types of participants, and key issues. The staff writers need to borrow the EALAC camera and take a few photos of the event. The editor in chief’s job is to alert the staff writers to any newsworthy items, make sure the articles are appropriate in length, and arrange the articles and photos by sections. The camera is stored in 407 Kent Hall.