AKS-CKR Fellowship for Korean Studies

The Academy of Korean Studies-Center for Korean Research Fellowship provides partial funding to MA students in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (and other programs) with a Korea-related focus.

  • Provides partial to full academic year support
  • Eligibility: Applicants to MA programs in Regional Studies: East Asia (MARSEA), East Asian Languages and Cultures, and International and World History with a research interest in Korea
  • Average of three awards per academic year
  • Selection criteria include:  Academic excellence; Demonstrated commitment to Korea-related research
  • Applicants are considered for the AKS-CKR Fellowship at the time of GSAS MA Admissions Review.  Recipients of the fellowship must report to the Center for Korean Research any additional funds, such as another grant, they receive toward academic year support.  Should a student receive multiple sources of funding, the Center for Korean Research may adjust or withdraw the amount granted to the student so as to remain below the cap dictated by GSAS.

Application Procedures
Applicants are considered for the AKS-CKR Fellowship at the time of GSAS MA Admissions Review.
The Center for Korean Research was awarded a 5-year AKS Core University Grant in 2016 and is dedicated to developing Korean Studies at Columbia University.

Conference Travel Funds

Each year, EALAC offers a limited number of travel matching funds (up to $250) to support EALAC PhD students to present papers in domestic and international conferences and workshops. The student must apply for DGS approval and submit their application to GSAS prior to travel and can be reimbursed upon return.

If you are funded by either the Department of History or the Department of Religion, you should apply directly to your respective department for this grant. 

Please adhere to the following instructions when applying for this funding:

  1. Complete the application form, which can be found here: http://gsas.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/gsas-travelfunds.pdf
  1. Submit the form, a copy of the invitation to participate or the relevant page in the conference program, and a budget directly to the DGS by leaving a paper copy of all application materials in the DGS mailbox in 407 Kent one month in advance of the deadline (see below for deadlines) and then notify the DGS
  1. Once the DGS has reviewed your application, he or she will inform you of the decision and at this point you will be responsible for submitting the Application for Conference Matching Travel Funds to the Office of Student Affairs in 107 Low Library
  1. If you need further assistance with the application, contact the Business Manager or Financial Assistant

Application deadlines are as follows:

  • July 3 — for conferences held May through August
  • November 3 — for conferences held September through December
  • March 3 — for conferences held January through April

Please take into account that the DGS will need to review and return your files prior to your submission. The department cannot guarantee that submissions tendered to the DGS less than two weeks prior to the deadline will be reviewed. 

Additional Matching from DKC:

The Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture provides matching funds for travel to conferences or workshops by graduate students in Japanese studies. Students who receive funds from EALAC that are matched by GSAS are eligible to have those funds matched again by the Donald Keene Center (DKC). Once students have been approved for EALAC funds and the GSAS match, they should contact the DKC program coordinator, Yoshiko Niiya <yn11@columbia.edu> with copies of the application materials submitted to EALAC and GSAS and confirmation of their approval of funding.  The DKC will transmit funds to EALAC to be included in the payment issued by the department to the student.  Any such application to the DKC must be made at least a week before the the conference or workshop, but only after approval by EALAC and GSAS, so please plan accordingly.

Note additionally that students who have reached their career maximum of two matching grants from GSAS are still eligible to have EALAC travel funds matched by the DKC; their covering email to the DKC should explain that this is why they are not submitting evidence of GSAS approval.

After The Conference:

Within 10 days of concluding travel or receiving the award letter (whichever is later), students should complete the following steps:

  1. Download or print the Travel and Business Expense Report (Excel file) and complete its upper portion, noting “Graduate Student” next to the student’s name
  2. Include a complete explanation of the business purpose for the trip (for example, “travel to deliver paper at Name of Conference in City from date to date“)
  3. Tape the original receipts to an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper so that the entirety of each receipt is visible; use as many sheets as necessary
  4. Provide evidence of participation in the conference (e.g., a copy of the program showing the student’s name and title of the paper delivered)
  5. Sign and submit the Travel and Business Expense Report, along with all supporting materials, to the Business Manager or Financial Assistant
  6. For more information, please visit: http://gsas.columbia.edu/conference-funding