Sample Dissertation Titles


11-Feb-10 Thompson, Mathew Shirane, Haruo The Tales of Yoshitsune: A Study of Genre, Narrative Paradigms, and Cultural Memory in Medieval and Early Modern Japan


11-Feb-09 Han, Eric Carol Gluck Narrating community in Yokohama Chinatown : 1894-1972Â
21-Oct-09 Jaundrill, Colin Carol Gluck
20-May-09 Moore, Hayes Shang, Wei Transfixing Forms : the culture of Chinese poetry and poetics in modern Chinese literary history
20-May-09 Shimazaki, Satoko Shirane, Haruo Shadows of Jealousy: Nanboku’s Yotsuya kaidan and the Tradition of Female Ghosts in Japanese Culture
11-Feb-09 Yasar, Kerim Anderer, Paul Electrified voices : media technology and discourse in modern Japan


21-May-08 Takeuchi, Akiko Shirane, Haruo Ritual, Storytelling, and Zeami’s Reformation of Noh Drama: Issues in Representation and Performance
21-May-08 Rea, Christopher Wang, David A history of laughter : comic culture in early twentieth-century China
21-May-08 Hill, Michael Shang, Wei Lin Shu, Inc. translation, print culture, and the making of an icon in modern China
Oct-15-08 Feng, Linda Shang, Wei
Oct-15-08 Oh, Se-Mi Haboush, Ja Hyun Consuming the Modern : the everyday in colonial Seoul, 1915-1937
21-May-08 Davis, Timothy Shang, Wei Potent stone : entombed epigraphy and memorial culture in early medieval China


17-Oct-07 Zhang, Enhua Wang, David Cartographies of Revolution : space, politics, and cultural representation in modern China (1919-1969)
17-Oct-07 Marcon, Federico Gluck, Carol The Names of nature : the development of natural history in Japan, 1600-1900Â
17-Oct-07 Kim, Charles R. Armstrong, Charles Unlikely revolutionaries : South Korea’s first generation and the student protests of 1960
17-Oct-07 Emmerich, Michael David Shirane, Haruo Replacing the text : translation, canonization, and the Tale of Genji
17-May-07 Cook, Alexander C. Zelin, Madeleine Unsettling accounts : the trial of the gang of four : narratives of justice and humanity in the aftermath of China’s Cultural Revolution
16-May-07 Wang, Xiaojue Wang, David Crossing 1949 : the politics of schizophrenia in literature, history, and society of cold war China
16-May-07 Lineberger, Scott Alexander Shirane, Haruo The Genesis of Haikai : transforming the Japanese poetic tradition through parodyÂ
7-Feb-07 Frost, Dennis J. Pflugfelder, Gregory Seeing Stars : sports celebrity, identity, and body culture in modern Japan


18-Oct-06 Ross, Kerry Smith, Henry Between art and industry : hobby photography and middle-class life in early twentieth-century Japan
18-Oct-06 Tackett, Nicholas Hymes, Robert The transformation of medieval Chinese elites, 850-1000 C.E.
18-Oct-06 Wu, I-Hsien Shang, Wei The journey of The Stone : experience, writing, and enlightenment
17-May-06 Kim, Bonnie Ledyard, Gari “Closed” Encounters : the arrival of the West in nineteenth-century Korea
17-May-06 Koh, Khee Heong Hymes, Robert East of the river and beyond : a study of Xue Xuan (Xue Xuan,1389-1464) and the Hedong School
17-May-06 Song, Weijie Wang, David Mapping modern Beijing : a literary and cultural topography, 1900s-1950s
17-May-06 Stoneman, Jack Shirane, Haruo Constructing Saigyō̄ : poetry, biography, and medieval receptionÂ
8-Feb-06 Kallander, George Ledyard, Gari Finding the heavenly way : Ch’oe Che-u, Tonghak and religion in late Chosŏn Korea


19-Oct-05 Newhard, Jamie Shirane, Haruo Genre, secrecy and the book : a history of late medieval and early modern literary scholarship on Ise monogatari
19-Oct-05 Saito, Satoru Suzuki, Tomi Allegories of detective fiction : confession, social mobility, and the modern Japanese novel, 1880-1930
19-Oct-05 Song, Mingwei Wang, David Long live youth : national rejuvenation and the Chinese Bildungsroman, 1900-1958
18-May-05 Duthie, Torquil Shirane, Haruo Poetry and kingship in ancient JapanÂ
18-May-05 Laffin, Christina Shirane, Haruo Women, travel, and cultural production in Kamakura Japan : a socio-literary ananlysis of Izayoi nikki and TowazugatariÂ


20-Oct-04 Berry, Michael Wang, David A history of pain : literary and cinematic mapping of violence in modern ChinaÂ
20-Oct-04 Kim, Joy Haboush, Ja Hyun Representing slavery : Class and status in late Chosŏn Korea
20-Oct-04 Lanza, Fabio Zelin, Madeleine Learning politics locating student activism in Beijing 1917-1923
20-Oct-04 Mickey, Georgia Zelin, Madeleine Politics and reform : the Bank of China and its shareholders, 1904-1919
20-Oct-04 Scanlon, Michael Shirane, Haruo Literary evolution in the country of eight islands : towards a Darwinian understanding of later Japanese narrative
20-Oct-04 Schonebaum, Andrew Shang, Wei Fictional medicine : diseases, doctors and the curative properties of Chinese fictionÂ
20-Oct-04 Skabelund, Aaron Pflugfelder, Gregory Loyalty and civilization : a canine history of Japan, 1850-2000
19-May-04 Poole, Janet Anderer, Paul Colonial interiors : modernist fiction of Korea


15-Oct-03 D’Argenio, Linda Shang, Wei Bureaucrats, gentlemen, poets : the role of poetry in the literati culture of tenth-eleventh century China, 960-1022
21-May-03 Commons, Anne Shirane, Haruo The Canonization of Hitomaro : paradigm of the poet as GodÂ
21-May-03 Flueckiger, Peter Shirane, Haruo Poetry, culture, and social harmony in eigtheenth-century Japanese literary thought : the Sorai school and its critics
21-May-03 O’Brien, Suzanne Gluck, Carol “Custom-izing” daily life in Meiji Japan
21-May-03 Tsai, Earl Shang, Wei


13-Feb-02 Levine, Ari Hymes, Robert A house in darkness : the politics of history and the language of politics in the late Northern Song, 1068-1104
16-Oct-02 Weinstein, John Wang, David Directing laughter : modes of modern Chinese comedy, 1907-1997
22-May-02 Weisfogel, Jaret Hymes, Robert Confucians, the Shih class, and the Ming imperium : uses of canonical and dynastic authority in Kuan Chih-tao’s , 1536-1608 proposals for following the men of former times to safeguard custons, Ts’ung-hsien wei-su i
22-May-02 Xu, Gang Wang, David The sentimental education of Chinese modernity : Qing in Chinese fiction from the late Ming to the turn of the millennium
16-Oct-02 Zwicker, Jonathan Anderer, Paul Tears of blood : melodrama, the novel, and the social imaginary in nineteenth-century Japan


14-Feb-01 Chen, Lingchei Wang, David The right to copy and the copyright : cultural identity, hybridity, and authenticity
14-Feb-01 Crowley, Cheryl Shirane, Haruo Haikai poet Yosa Buson, 1716-1783, and the back to Bashô movement
16-May-01 Field, Andrew Zelin, Madeleine A night in Shanghai : nightlife and modernity in semicolonical China, 1919-1937
17-Oct-01 Flaherty, Darryl Gluck, Carol Organizing for influence : lawyers associations and Japanese politics, 1868-1945Â
16-May-01 Fukumori, Naomi Shirane, Haruo The politics of amusement :|b reading Sei Shônagon’s Makura no sôshi (The pillow book) in historical perspective
16-May-01 Jones, Mark Gluck, Carol Children as treasures : childhood and the middle class in early twentieth century Japan
17-Oct-01 Khu, Josephine Zelin, Madeleine The making of a frontier : the Qing military in Taiwan, 1684-1783
14-Feb-01 Levy, Indra Anderer, Paul Sirens of the Western shore : Westernesque women and translation on modern Japanese literature
16-May-01 Lurie, David Shirane, Haruo The origins of writing in early Japan : from the 1st to the 8th century
17-Oct-01 Miller, Harrison Zelin, Madeleine State versus society in late imperial China, 1572-1644


17-May-00 Heldt, Gustav Shirane, Haruo Composing courtiers : Ki no Tsurayuki’s poetic visions of gender, writing, and ritual at the Heian court
17-May-00 Huss, Ann Wang, David Old tales retold : contemporary Chinese fiction and the classical traditions
17-May-00 Kang, Xiaofei Hymes, Robert Power on the margins : the cult of the fox in late imperial ChinaÂ
18-Oct-00 Rojas, Carlos David Wang Flowers in the mirror : vision, gender, and reflections on Chinese modernity
17-May-00 Vincent, James Anderer, Paul Writing sexuality : heteronormativity, homophobia and the homosocial subject in modern Japan
18-Oct-00 Visser, Robin Wang, David The urban subject in the literary imagination of twentieth century China


10-Feb-99 Cartelli, Mary Anne Hymes, Robert The poetry of Mount Wutai : Chinese Buddhist verse from Dunhuang
10-Feb-99 Huang, Martha Elizabeth Hsia, Chih-Tsing Thresholds of modernity : preface to the May Fourth magazines and the modern Chinese literary canonÂ
19-May-99 Eddinger, Pammy Yue Anderer, Paul From obsession to deliverance : the evolving landscape of the feminine psyche in the works of Enchi Fumiko
19-May-99 Richter, Giles Martial Smith II, Henry Marketing the word : publishing entrepreneurs in Meiji Japan, 1870-1912
20-Oct-99 Hill, Christopher Laing Anderer, Paul National history and the world of nations : writing Japan, France, the United States, 1870-1900
20-Oct-99 Stevenson, Miwha Lee Ledyard, Gari Webs of signification : representation as social transformation in the mural tombs of Koguryo


11-Feb-98 Liu, Jianmei Wang, David
21-Oct-98 Dooling, Amy D. Wang, David Feminism and narrative strategies in early twentieth-century Chinese women’s writing


12-Feb-97 Bialock, David Theodore Shirane, Haruo Peripheries of power : voice, history, and the construction of imperial and sacred space in the tale of the Heike and other medieval and Heian historical texts
12-Feb-97 Carpenter, John Thomas Ruch, Barbara Fujiwara no Yukinari and the development of Heian court calligraphy
12-Feb-97 Lippit, Seiji Mizuta Anderer, Paul Japanese modernism and the destruction of literary form : the writings of Akutagawa, Yokomitsu, and Kawabata
12-Feb-97 Zimmerman, Eve Kathleen Anderer, Paul A language of rebellion : myth, violence and identity in the fiction of Nakagami KenjiÂ
15-Oct-97 Collins, Kevin Ke. Shirane, Haruo Seizing spirits : the chinkon ritual and early Japanese literature
15-Oct-97 de Pee, Christian Hymes, Robert Negotiating marriage : weddings, text, and ritual in Song and Yuan dynasty China, 10th through 14th century
15-Oct-97 Harris, Kristine Marie Zelin, Madeleine Silent speech : envisioning the Nation in early Shanghai cinemaÂ


14-Feb-96 Schmid, Andre H. Gari Ledyard Constructing independence : Nation and identity in Korea, 1895-1910Â
15-May-96 Laughlin, Charles Andrew David Wang Narrating the nation : the aesthetics of historical experience in Chinese reportage literature, 1919-1966
15-May-96 Oberst, Zhihong Liang Hymes, Robert Chinese economic statecraft and economic ideas in the Song period, 960-1279
16-Oct-96 Liu, Hsiang-Kwang Hymes, Robert Education and society : the development of public and private institutions in Hui-chou, 960-1800Â



19-May-94 Cipris, Ljubomir R. Donald Keene Radiant carnage : Japanese writers on the war against ChinaÂ
19-May-94 Hamill Sato, Barbara B. Carol Gluck
19-May-94 Qiu, Peipei Haruo Shirane Poetics of the natural : a study of Taoist influence on Bashō
19-May-94 Shu, Yunzhong David Wang Buglers on the home front : the literary practice of the Qiyue SchoolÂ
19-May-94 Tanner, Harold Miles Madeline Zelin Crime and punishment in China, 1979-1989
19-May-94 Wakui, Takashi Paul Anderer Prosody, diction, and lyricism in modern Japanese poetry
19-Oct-94 Guarino Osterman, Marie WT de Bary
19-Oct-94 Tung, Jowen Rouphan David Wang


10-Feb-93 Neskar, Ellen Gail Hymes, Robert The cult of worthies: a study of shrines honoring local Confucian worthies in the Sung dynasty (960-1279)
10-Feb-93 Sukhu, Gopal Paul Rouzer Attraction, reversal and repulsion : prolegomena to the Li Sao
19-May-93 Ericson, Joan Elain Paul Anderer Hayashi Fumiko and Japanese Women’s Literature
20-Oct-93 Dodd, Stephen Howard Paul Anderer An embracing vision : representations of the countryside in early twentieth-century Japanese literature
20-Oct-93 Ng, Janet Mui-Fong David Wang Autobiography in modern Chinese literature (1911-1950) [microform] : forms of literary expression of the self in society