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Conrad Schirokauer is a Professor Emeritus of History at the City University of New York. He studied at Yale (BA) and Stanford (PhD) as well as a year in Paris, and conducted research mostly in Kyoto but also in China. His published papers and articles are mostly on Zhu Xi and Hu Hong. Together with Professor Robert Hymes, he edited Ordering the World: Approaches to State and Society in Sung Dynasty China (1993). His current research interest is in Song perceptions of and attitudes toward history. His essay, “Hu Hong as Historian” appeared in The New and the Multiple: Sung Senses of the Past, ed. by Thomas H.C.Lee (2004). Schirokauer was associated with a New York University summer graduate program for teachers in Japan and China and remains interested in how history is taught. A textbook author, he has published A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations (1989, 4th ed with Miranda Brow, David Lurie & Suzanne Gay 2013), with separate volumes on China and Japan. Korea and Vietnam are included in Modern East Asia: A Brief History coauthored with Donald N. Clark (2003,2008). Also worth mention, is his translation of China’s Examination Hell by Miyazaki Ichisada (1976,1981), which he recommends to any student who feels burdened by examinations at Columbia.

Office: Heyman B-2 Rm5
Office Hours: M 11:30-12:30
Teaching Hours: MW 11:40-12:55
Phone: (212) 854-9646