Project Description


Ms. Park has been a language instructor for thirteen years, teaching in both the United States and Japan. She has taught at Columbia University for seven years. In addition to teaching beginners to advanced-level students in Japanese, she has been participating in numerous projects to write Japanese textbooks. Recently, she has been working with a team to create new intermediate Japanese language textbook called Hiyaku which will be published in 2011. Her contributions to this new textbook include the production of Power Point files which will be used by the instructors.

Ms. Park also took part in a team that created the audio and supplemental materials for the First-Year Japanese textbook, Minna no Nihongo, and she revised the entire curriculum for the First-Year Japanese class utilized at the Japanese Program at Columbia University. Ms. Park was also a member of the review committee for First- and Second-Year Japanese textbooks, and she has been instrumental in developing and revising various course materials.

During the summers, Ms. Park has also been teaching Intermediate Japanese at Princeton University’s Ishikawa Summer Intensive Program since 2006, and taught two summers at the Hokkaido International Foundation. She obtained her B.A. from University of Aichi Shukutoku, Japan, and her M.A. in Japanese Linguistics and Pedagogy at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Office: 520 Kent Hall
Office Hours: On leave
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Phone: (212) 854-3523