third-year-Chinese3_smLanguage Programs

All students wishing to enter the language program at any level beyond the first semester of the elementary level must pass a language placement test before registering. Language placement exams are held on the Friday before the first day of classes.

Students who have been absent from the campus for one semester or more must take a placement test before enrolling in a language course beyond the first term of the elementary level.

Chinese Language Program

Director: Liu Lening
Placement Exam:  (No registration necessary)

Japanese Language Program

Director: Nazikian Fumiko
Placement Exam: required)

Korean Language Program

Director: Carol Schulz
Placement Exam: (No registration necessary)

Other East Asian Languages

For information regarding the following languages please contact the appropriate instructor.

Tibetan: Tenzin Norbu Nangsal

Vietnamese: James Lap

For information regarding Bahausa Indonesian, Cantonese, or Tagalog, please contact the Language Resource Center.