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Zhirong Wang received her B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from Peking University, and her Ph.D. in Chinese Language from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She joined Columbia University in 1996 and has taught courses including Elementary Chinese, Elementary Chinese for Advanced Beginners, Introductory Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Readings in Modern Chinese, and History of Chinese Language. Her main interests include Chinese language, Chinese historical linguistics, and the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. She is the author of several textbooks including Renwen Tianxia: Advanced Chinese for Humanities (Beijing Language and Culture University Press); An Elementary Chinese Reader (Beijing University Press); A Primer for Advanced Beginners of Chinese (co-author, Columbia University Press).

Office: 512 Kent Hall
Office Hours: TR 11:30-12:30
Teaching Hours: MTWR 8:50-9:55, 10:10-11:15
Phone: (212) 854-3594
Email: zw30@columbia.ed